“The Belfast Tram”


"You wait and wait in vain standing shiv'ring in the rain If you want to be late again take a Belfast Tram." Suggest the tram to "a friend you'd rather miss." To get someplace on time "use your 'Shanks'" or take a taxi or sidecar.


Leyden: "The enthusiastic public response to the introduction of horse trams [in Belfast in 1872] soon gave way to constant complaints about their lack of punctuality.... [T]his song is in the music hall mould and was published in _Ireland's Saturday Night_." [_Ireland's Saturday Night_ began publication in 1894 and is still being published. (source: National Library of Ireland site)] - BS


  1. Leyden 17, "The Belfast Tram" (1 text, 1 tune)
  2. BI, Leyd017


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1989 (Leyden)
Found in: Ireland