“The Battle of the Nile”


Nelson's fleet attacks the French near the Egyptian shore. Although the singer's ship Majestic suffers severely, the British are completely victorious, with 13 ships destroyed or taken and the rest fled


Napoleon's first truly independent expedition was his attack on Egypt. He took an army and fleet to attack the British protectorate there. However, Lord Horatio Nelson's squadron of 14 ships of the line trapped the French fleet (13 ships of the line plus four frigates) and destroyed or captured 12 of them. Napoleon was cut off; he himself fled to France, but nearly all the rest of the expeditionary force was captured. - RBW

Historical references

  • Aug 1, 1798 - Nelson's British fleet mauls the French forces at the Battle of the Nile


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Author: unknown
Keywords: war Napoleon
Found in: Canada(Mar)