“The Battle of Philiphaugh”


Sir David [Leslie] comes to Philiphaugh with 3000 Scots. They find a man to lead them to Montrose's army. The man, concerned by Leslie's small numbers, reveals why he hates Montrose and reveals how to defeat him. The defeat duly takes place


The Battle of Philiphaugh saw a royalist force under Montrose defeated by Scottish Covenanters led by David Leslie. This was almost the only time Montrose was defeated in battle (Leslie's forces, hidden by a mist, surprised Montrose).

This was hailed as a great victory for the Covenanters (even though Montrose's was outnumbered, ill-supplied, and surprised), since Montrose had won a half dozen battles against equally long odds in the preceding year. But it took only one battle to ruin his reputation as invincible. From that time on, King Charles's position deteriorated rapidly. - RBW

Historical references

  • Sept 13, 1645 - Battle of Philiphaugh


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1803 (Scott)
Keywords: battle hate
Found in: Britain(Scotland)