“The Amnesty Meeting in Tipperary”


"Tipperary to give you your merit Your meeting exceeded them all." At noon on October 24 the towns and trades marched through the streets supporting amnesty for the Fenian exiles. Fathers Barry and O'Connell and a young man on a charger led the legions


Zimmermann p. 70 is a fragment; broadside LOCSinging as100270 is the basis for the description.

Broadsides LOCSinging as100270 and Bodleian 2806 b.9(50) are duplicates.

The broadside does not say what year this is. The Bodleian assignment of c.1867 is their standby for Brereton broadsides no matter how the internal evidence stacks up. It is probably a Sunday. It is certainly after 1867 since it cites the deaths of Allen, O'Brien and Larkin (see references for "The Smashing of the Van (I)"). P. Brereton was apparently a Dublin printer in the 1860s and 1870s (the address for this broadside is 1 Lower Exchange Street). The only Sunday, October 24ths in that period are in 1869 and 1875.

While 1869 is likely -- this is only two weeks after the amnesty meeting in Dublin (see references for "The Glorious Meeting of Dublin") and three weeks after earlier activity for amnesty in Youghal -- the emphasis and leaders seem different. Earlier in October 1869 the emphasis was for amnesty for the Fenian prisoners eventually exiled in 1871; here the amnesty requested is that unnamed exiles -- and there are exiles from long before 1869 (see, for example, references for "By the Hush") -- be allowed to return.

Fathers Barry and O'Connor seem local to the Galtees mountains, Glen of Aherlow, and southern Tipperary towns. The amnesty movement leaders are not named; on the other hand, the array of trades and towns repeats the Dublin 1869 approach. Unless someone can find a reference I would list the date on this as "uncertain." - BS


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 19C (broadside, LOCSinging as100270)
Found in: Ireland