“The Agricultural Irish Girl”


Mary Ann Malone is a big, strong, agricultural Irish girl. At 17, she is not educated -- "doesn't speak Italian" -- but knows "all befits a lady." "She neither paints nor powders, and her figure is her own" She's aggressive. She will strike for her wages.


The sheet music version takes place in New York. As O Lochlainn suspects, "probably American" - BS


  • LOCSheet, sm1885 05879, "Mary Ann Malone The Agricultural Irish Girl," Chas. D. Blake (Boston), 1885 (tune)


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Author: J. F. Mitchell (words and music) (source: broadside, LOCSheet sm1885 05879)
Earliest date: 1885 (broadside, LOCSheet sm1885 05879)
Keywords: work humorous nonballad
Found in: Ireland