“The "Antis" of Plate Cove”


A fight breaks out during an election to confederate Newfoundland with Canada. Details of the clash between "cons" and "antis" are told by the singer, who is against confederation.


Mainland Canada achieved "Confederation," and self-government, in 1867. Many of the provinces, especially in the Maritimes, were against Confederation (it was, after all, largely the result of internal politics in "Canada" -- Ontario plus Quebec), but most joined by 1870. Newfoundland, however, rejected confederation in 1869, and did not finally join Canada until 1949. - RBW

Doyle [refers this piece to the election of] 1869. "Cons" were for confederation and "antis" where those against. He also mentions that Plate Cove is in Bonavista Bay. Confederacy was not achieved until 1949 with a very slim margin at the polls. - SH

Historical references

  • 1867 - Canadian Act of Confederation
  • 1869 - Newfoundland electors refuse to join the Canadian Confederation
  • 1949 - Newfoundland unites with Canada

Cross references


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Author: Mark Walker
Earliest date: 1940
Found in: Canada(Newf)