"Her mother had a nice wee dog, she used to call it Tony, And every time I kissed the girl he bit my Tagglieownie"


The current description is all of the Tunney-StoneFiddle fragment.

The following text is in the discussion of "As I Went Out Upon the Ice (Ag Dul amach ar an Leac Oighir dom)" at Andrew Kuntz's The Fiddler?s Companion site.

As I went out upon the ice, [or "One day as I went out to skate"]

The ice being rough and stony,

The ice it broke and down I went,

And wet my Taglioni. [or "tanlee ownee"]

Tunney-StoneFiddle: "My mother said it wasn't a nice song...."

The pattern of the four-line verse fragments, but not the bawdiness, seems based on the eight-line verse broadside "Taglioni Coat".

Here is a verse that seems the original for the previous fragment:

One chilly day, not long ago,

I met a sad disaster,

When on the Serpentine to show,

Myself a skating master,

I circles cut, the ice gave way,

Transparent, but not stony,

It cracked, gave way, I tumbled,

And soaked my Taglioni.

but, in this case, it's clear from the context that the singer considers himself a fashion plate whose Taglioni coat is literally soaked (or maybe I'm being naive again; see the LONG DESCRIPTION at "Taglioni Coat").

Reidy's "The Tangaloni" on IRClare01 mixes the broadside eight-line verse form and story with the four-line verse verse form bawdy verses and adds a chorus. I have included it under both songs.

"ta-glio-ni \tal'yone\ n -s [after Filippo Taglioni 1871 Ital. ballet master]: an overcoat worn in the early 19th century." (source: _Webster's Third New International Dictionary of the English Language Unabridged_ (1976)); Filippo Taglioni (1777-1871). - BS

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1977 (IRClare01)
Found in: Ireland