“T'Owd Yowe wi' One Horn”


Old "yowe" (ewe) resists penning and kicks the farmhand around the yard. The butcher is sent for; the yowe charges him and breaks his legs. She is sent to fight for the king, and kills soldiers in quantity.


This seems to have been collected only once, but cognate stories of big animals that are hard to kill and cook are common (see cross-references). "The Derby Ram" is also connected. -PJS

Kennedy apparently regards it as the same as the piece "The Ewie wi' the Crookit Horn" (#271 in his collection). But neither the plot, nor the words, nor the music is the same. - RBW

Then there's the "Yowie wi' the Crookit Horn," which seems to be slang for an illegal whiskey still. - PJS

Cross references


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  2. Roud #1762
  3. BI, VWL082


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1905 (collected from Dean Robinson)
Found in: Britain(England(Lond))