“Sympathizing with the Fenian Exiles”


Keep your mouth shut and beware spies. We visit the Fenians jailed like "dogs kept in a manger." General Burk's turnkey "is worse than a Turk." Rossa, Luby and others are named. God is watching inside the walls. Our day will come.


Zimmermann p. 52 is a fragment; broadside Bodleian 2806 c.8(40) is the basis for the description.

Is the topic prisoners as in the text, or exiles as in the title? If the former the date is probably before 1871; else, after. - BS

For O'Donovan Rossa and the Fenian Exiles, see "Rossa's Farewell to Erin." - RBW


  • Bodleian, 2806 c.8(40), "A New Song Sympathising With the Fenian Exiles" ("My Irish frlends [sic] aome [sic] rally round"), unknown, n.d.


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1966 (Zimmermann)
Keywords: exile prison political
Found in: Ireland