“Sweet as the Flowers in May Time”


"Sweet as the flowers in May/springtime, Sweet as the honey dew, Sweet as the roses in the bowers, I'm thinking tonight of you. Sweet as the rose in the garden, Sweet as the dew on the rose, I'd rather be somebody's darling Than a poor boy nobody knows."


The two fragments in Randolph both have the same chorus as the Carter Family recording, but the Carter text appears to be a rewrite with some elements of "Meet Me Tonight in the Moonlight" or something similar. - RBW


  • The Carter Family, "Sweet as the Flowers in Maytime" (Victor V-23761, 1932)


  1. Randolph 832, "Sweet as the Flowers in May Time" (2 fragments)
  2. Roud #7442
  3. BI, R832


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1932 (recording, Carter Family)
Keywords: love flowers
Found in: US(So)