“Sweet Marie”


The man longs for Marie, but finds it hard to tell her: "Sweet Marie, come to me, Come to me, Sweet Marie, Not because your face is fair, love, to see, Every daisy in the dell Knows my secret very well, Yet I dare not tell Sweet Marie... ."


I am told that "[This] song was featured in the 1947 movie 'Life with Father' (William Powell, Irene Dunne, Elizabeth Taylor) based on the memoirs of Clarence Day, Jr... (articles first appeared in _The New Yorker_ in the 1920s and were later published as three books: _God and My Father_, _Life with Father_, _Life with Mother_). Prior to becoming the movie (and later a TV series in the 1950s), 'Life with Father' was written as a play and opened on Broadway in 1939.

"Percy French did a parody of the song with Sweet Marie becoming a racehorse. That song is available in "The Songs of Percy French" selected and edited by James Healy (Ossian Publications/Mercier Press--1986/1996)."

Moore was a nineteenth century singer who apparently was very popular as a performer. Warman apparently came to him and asked him to perform "Sweet Marie," which Warman had written in honor of his wife. Warman eventually came up with a tune and sang it as part of the musical comedy "Africa." Ironically, it was no great success when Moore sang it -- but when he quit the play, his replacement made it a hit. - RBW

Same tune

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  • Walter Morris, "Sweet Marie" (Columbia 15115-D, 1927)


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Author: Words: Cy Warman / Music: Raymon Moore
Earliest date: 1893 (sheet music)
Keywords: love
Found in: Australia