“Sugar in My Coffee”


Complaints about life laced with the refrain, "(How in the world do the old folks know) That I like sugar in my coffee-o." The singer may describe how he likes to drink, or wishes he were/were not living the life of a white man


The Randolph fragment is so short that it could just be a piece of "What'll I Do with the Baby-O," and Brown's texts are also distinct. The mention of "sugar in my coffee" may just be a floating line. But it's going to be very hard to identify any of these scraps with a "real" song.

Randolph suggests that the origin of this may be in the fiddle tune "Sugar in My Toddy-o." Certainly possible. In which case it may be related to "Jingle at the Window (Tideo)." - RBW

Cross references


  1. Randolph 565, "Sugar in my Coffee" (1 fragment, 1 tune)
  2. BrownIII 92, "I Do Love Sugar in My Coffee O" (2 short texts)
  3. Roud #7659
  4. BI, R565A


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1915 (Brown)
Keywords: nonballad playparty
Found in: US(SE,So)