“Spanish Ladies”


Sailor bids farewell to the Spanish (Australian, South American) ladies as his ship weighs anchor and departs for England (Massachusetts).


This well-known melody inspired a number of local parodies, including "We'll Rant and We'll Roar" and "Brisbane Ladies." As most of these are deliberate rewrites, however, they are not included here. - RBW

Same tune

  • The Countersigns (File: Col135)
  • Brisbane Ladies (File: FaE162)
  • We'll Rant and We'll Roar (File: FJ042)

Cross references


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  • LOCSinging, as104650, "Spanish Ladies", J. Catnach (London), 19C


  • Cadgwith fishermen, "Farewell and Adieu" (on LastDays)
  • Johnny Doughty, "Up the Channel" (on Voice12)
  • A. L. Lloyd, "Talcahuano Girls" (on Lloyd3, Lloyd9)


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Alternate titles: “Farewell and Adieu To You”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: before 1845 (broadside, Bodleian Firth c.17(305))
Found in: Britain(England) US(NE) Canada(Mar) Ireland