“Smiggy Maglooral”


Smiggey marries a maid (or fights in Bull Run). The maid winds the clock and milks the cow "from the chimney top." She has a cramp (or gets the croup) and "they brought her to with some turtle soup." She meets Mose, they come to blows and home she goes.

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Smiggy Maglooral
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          *** A ***

I Have a Wife

From Helen Creighton, Folksongs from Southern New Brunswick,
#71, p. 155. Collected from Angelo Dornan, Elgin, N. B.

I have a wife, she is neat and clean,
With me fie o laddie,
She sets the milk and she gathers cream
And her name is Ural, Maggie Mural,
Stig McGural and Stig McGue.

(2 additional stanzas)


Broadside LOCSinging as203350 and Bodleian Harding B 18(711): H. De Marsan dating per _Studying Nineteenth-Century Popular Song_ by Paul Charosh in American Music, Winter 1997, Vol 15.4, Table 1, available at FindArticles site. - BS


  • Bodleian, Harding B 18(711), "Smiggey McGuirrel", H. De Marsan (New York) , 1861-1864 [same as LOCSinging as203350]
  • LOCSinging, as203350, "Smiggey McGuirrel", H. De Marsan (New York), 1861-1864 [same as Bodleian Harding B 18(711)]


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: before 1865 (broadside, Bodleian LOCSinging as203350)