“Slieve Gallen Brae”


The singer urges the visitor from the city to view Slive Gallen Brae: the old dolmen, the chieftain's graves, the singing linnets, the flowers, the home of Rory Dall, the grave of Cooey-na-gall. He says that bards come from far away to find inspiration


Not to be confused with the emigration song, "[Farewell unto] [Bonnie] Slieve Gallen Braes."

For "Cooey-na-Gal" O'Cahan and Dungiven Priory, see the notes on "The Banks of the Roe." "Rory Dall" is of course the famous blind harper of the O'Cahans. - RBW

Cross references


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Author: James O'Kane?
Earliest date: 1938 (Sam Henry collection)
Keywords: nonballad home music
Found in: Ireland