“Sixteen Years, Mama”


The daughter says that at 16 it is time she was wed. The mother offers her daughter a sheep instead; daughter would weep. Mother offers a cow; daughter would frown. Mother offers a man; daughter says "as soon as ever you can... Married I'd like to be"


This is "Whistle, Daughter, Whistle" without the whistle.

The last verse of Mikey Kelleher's "Daughter, Dearest Daughter" on IRClare01 is the "father and mother in yonder bed do lie" verse from "Blow the Candle Out" [Laws P17]. - BS

Cross references


  • Mary Delaney, "Fourteen Last Sunday" (on IRTravellers01)
  • Mikey Kelleher, "Daughter, Dearest Daughter" (on IRClare01)
  • Tom Lenihan, "Sixteen Years, Mama" (on Voice15)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1977 (IRClare01,Voice15)
Found in: Ireland