“Sister Seusan”


"Sister Sue and my (Aunt/gal) Sal, Gwine to git a home bime by-high. All gwine to lib down shin-bone al; Gwine to git a home bime by." Various verses on working, sailing, complaints. Noted as a Barbadian hand over hand.


Bullen transcribed this shanty, and described the time he first heard it in his book _The Log of a Sea Waif._ He also included it later included in his collection _Songs of Sea Labor._ Hugill mentions that "Shinbone Alley" is a place name often referred to in American Negro songs. - SL


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Alternate titles: “Shinbone Al”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1899 (Bullen, _The Log of a Sea Waif_)
Keywords: worksong shanty
Found in: US West Indies