“She's a Flower from the Fields of Alabama”


"It was one evening long ago" when the singer went to ask the hand of the girl. Her mother gladly consents. He looks back happily. Chorus: "She's a flower from the fields of Alabam, Take her for she loves you, yes I know...."


Given the near-lack of plot, I have to suspect that this is a nineteenth century parlour piece. But I can't trace it back past the Burnett & Rutherford recording (made at their last dated recording session in 1928). - RBW

I've traced it back a little farther; the Emry Arthur recording was made sometime in January, 1928, while the Burnett & Rutherford was made on October 29 of that year. - PJS


  • Emry Arthur, "She's a Flower from the Fields of Alabama" (Vocalion 5234, 1928)
  • [Richard] Burnett & [Leonard] Rutherford, "She's a Flower from the Fields of Alabama" (Gennett 6688/Challenge 420 [as Bunch & Jennings], 1929; rec. 1928; on BurnRuth01, KMM)
  • Sue & Rawhide, "She's a Flower from the Fields of Alabama" (OKeh 45577, 1934)


  2. BI, DTflweral


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1928 (recording, Emry Arthur)
Keywords: love courting marriage
Found in: US