“Shamus O'Brien”


"Oh Shamus O'Brien, I'm loving you yet, And my heart is still trusting and kind... Oh why did I let you get out of my arms Like a bird that was caged and is free." The singer promises extreme devotion and asks Shamus to return to her


Randolph reports that this is the answer to an earlier Will S. Hays song, "Nora O'Neal." - RBW

There is a Missouri fiddle tune called "Shamus O'Brien's Waltz"; it's somewhat different from the tune to this song, but is perhaps a descendant. - PJS

Grove's Dictionary of Music also reports a "romantic comic opera in two acts" with the title "Shamus O'Brien"; the book is by J. H. Jessop and the music by "Stanford." But it didn't premiere until March 2, 1896. - RBW

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Author: Will S. Hays
Earliest date: 1867 (sheet music)
Found in: US(MW,So) Ireland