“Scarboro Sand (The Drowned Sailor)”


A Scarborough girl learns that her sailor love has been lost at sea. She asks the waters to bring her love ashore. She finds the body, kisses it, and dies. The two are buried in "Robin Hood's Churchyard."


The reference to "Robin Hood's Churchyard" is almost certainly a reference to the village of Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire; some versions of the song set the events in that town rather than in Scarborough.

I do not know that the two Larner recordings are in fact different -- these two compilations drew from the same collection of field tapes -- but as the titles are given as different I thought it prudent to separate them. - PJS


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  • Frank Verrill, "Stowborough Town" (on Voice12)


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Alternate titles: “Strawbello Strand”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: before 1853 (broadside, Bodleian Johnson Ballads 1956)
Keywords: sea death burial drowning
Found in: US(SE) Britain(England(Lond,North),Scotland(Aber)) Canada(Newf)