“Sam Hall (Jack Hall)”


(Sam Hall), about to be hanged, bitterly tells his tale, spitting curses all the while -- directing them at the parson, the sheriff, his girlfriend, and the spectators. He is guilty of killing a man, and goes to the gallows still blazing away


_Pills to Purge Melancholy_ includes new words set to the tune of "Chimney-Sweep," recognizably "Jack Hall." Therefore the song must have already been in circulation by that time, 1719. -PJS

There is also a book, _Memoirs of the Right Villanous Jack Hall_, a tale of a highwayman, published 1708. I know nothing of the book except its title and that it devotes some time to describing Newgate Prison. - RBW

Historical references

  • 1701 - Execution of Jack Hall, a young London chimney sweep, on a charge of burglary. His "last goodnight" hawked about as a broadside eventually became the blasphemous "Sam Hall."

Cross references


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Alternate titles: “Samuel Hall”
Author: C. W. Ross
Earliest date: 1719
Found in: Australia US(Ap,NE,SE,SW) Britain(England(All)) New Zealand