“Sally Around the Corner O”


"Sally O, Sally O, Sally around the corner O, All day we'll heave away And it's Sally around the corner O"


The current description is all of the NovaScotia1 fragment.

NovaScotia1 Joseph Hyson in the notes: "That was used for heaving up the ship's anchor. There'd be a whole crowd and there'd be a verse, and then we'd join on that chorus. I can't remember the verses."

NovaScotia1 notes: "By both words and tune, Sally Around the Corner O appears to be a different sea chanty from the one known as Round the Corner Sally."

I guess this is not "Round the Corner, Sally." Cf. "Round the Corner, Sally" in Stan Hugill, _Shanties from the Seven Seas_, pp. 297-298. The chorus there is "'Round the corner an' away we'll go, 'Round the corner Sally! 'Round th' corner where them gals do go, 'Round the corner Sally!" In that shanty Hugill says "The 'corner' indicated in this shanty seems to be Cape Horn." - BS


  • Joseph Hyson, "Sally Around the Corner O" (on NovaScotia1)


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1956 (NovaScotia1)
Keywords: shanty work nonballad
Found in: Canada(Mar)