“Sailor's Consolation”


wo sailors, Barney Buntline & Billy Bowline list the reasons they are lucky to be sailors, comparing the dangers of living on shore with the relatively free life they have. Sometimes has chorus of "With a tow row row-right to me addy, wi' a tow row row."


Hugill gives some references, in particular that the tune for this was taken by a Prof. J. Glyn-Davies and turned into a Welsh sailors' song (also known as a children's song) "Can Huw Puw." Glyn-Davies seemed to believe that the original song was quite old and that the tune was also used in a song, "Miss Tickle Toby" which dates to the 16th century. - SL


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Author: Charles Dibdin (1745-1814) (also attributed to Pitt and Hood)
Earliest date: before 1814
Keywords: sailor ship shore
Found in: US Britain