“Rosey Apple Lemon and Pear”


Singing came of courting. "(Mary Wilson), fresh and fair, A bunch of roses she shall wear, Gold and silver byher side, I know who is her bride." "Rose, apple, lemon, or pear." "Take her by the lily-white hand."


Some of the versions of this, such as the Montgomeries', appear to have mixed with "Weevily Wheat" or one of its relatives. With pieces like this, it's hard to tell. - RBW


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  2. ADDITIONAL: Walter de la Mare, _Come Hither_, revised edition, 1928; #41, "Rosy Apple, Lemon or Pear" (1 text)
  3. Roud #6492
  4. BI, MSNR071


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1964 (Montgomerie)
Keywords: playparty courting
Found in: Britain(England,Scotland)