“Rocky Road (Green Green)”


Playparty, with several possible plots, but typical chorus "Green green, rocky road, Some (young) lady's green. Tell me who you love, tell me who you love...." In one game, a girl is called into a circle, calls a boy, and so forth


This should not be confused with the shape-note hymn "Rocky Road," nor with the pop-folk song "Green, Green", both of which are separate songs.

The version of this song usually sung by revival singers was adapted by Len Chandler from the traditional song found in Courlander. The folk-revival version also incorporates lyrics from "Rosie, Darling Rosie," which was also collected and recorded by Courlander. - PJS


  • Children of Lilly's Chapel School, "Green Green Rocky Road" (on NFMAla6, RingGames1)


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  2. Roud #15657
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Alternate titles: “Green Green”; “Green Green Rocky Road”; “Red Green”; “Red Light Green Light”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1950 (recording, children of Lilly's Chapel School)
Keywords: playparty courting
Found in: US