“Rock-a My Soul”


"Rock-a my soul in the bosom of Abraham (x3), Oh, rock-a my soul," "When I went down to the valley to pray... My soul got happy and I stayed all day." "When I was a mourner just like you... I mourned and mourned till I come through."


The reference to Abraham's bosom alludes to the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31). In 16:22, Lazarus dies and is carries to Abraham's bosom. Although the phrase does not occur elsewhere, it came to have the sense of "heaven." - RBW


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  • Taylor sisters, "Rock-a My Soul" (on HandMeDown2)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1867 (Allen et al, Slave Songs of the United States)
Keywords: religious nonballad
Found in: US(SE)