“Red Wing (II)”


Red Wing, the unafraid Indian maid, allows the cowboys intimacies, until she is made pregnant.


As with most bawdy parodies, there may be several elements combined here. Cray's version and most of Randolph's involve the Indian Maid quickly losing that distinction at the hand of cowboys. Meredith/Covell/Brown's fragment of text talks about the ragged clothes of Charlie Chaplin (presumably in his "Little Tramp" role). Logsdon's "B" text has the girl so "afraid some buckaroo would ram it up her flue" that "she crammed it full of sand" to make sure he would not "reach the promised land" -- but it has the Charlie Chaplin chorus. How these elements came to combine, or separate, would need a more detailed study than I am in position to give. - RBW

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Author: original version by Kerry Mills and Thurland Chattaway
Earliest date: original version copyright 1907
Found in: Australia US(MW,Ro,So,SW)