“Put Your Little Foot (Varsouvienna)”


"Put your little foot (x2) Put your little foot right there... Take a step to the right, Take a step to the left, But forever stay near." Further invitations to move closer follow: "Put... your arm around my waist... We will dance through the night."


The "Varsouvianna" (Varsouvienna, etc.; described as a variation on the mazurka) tune is very common, and is cited sporadically in the references here. How often it bears this particular set of lyrics is less certain; few if any of the Australian versions, for instance, have words. - RBW

Ohrlin remarks that "Put Your Little Foot" was usually the cue for a fight to start. - PJS


  • Glenn Ohrlin, "Varsouviana" (on Ohrlin01)


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Alternate titles: “Put Your Little Foot Right Out”; “Varsouvienne”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1943
Keywords: dancing nonballad
Found in: US