“Put Me In My Little Bed”


"Oh birdie, I am tired now, I do not care to hear you sing." The child asks the bird to go to sleeps, and requests, "come put me in my little bed." The singer recalls her mother telling her "never, never go astray"


Belden's notes to this song are confused. He claims that Spaeth refers to this song in _Read 'Em and Weep_ -- but there is no such reference, at least in my copy. Spaeth does, however, mention the song in _A History of Popular Music in America_ as one of several hits by C. A. White.

White seems to have had a thing about birds; his first big hit was "Come, Birdie, Come."

Spaeth claims that this song was the forerunner of the more popular "Put My Little Shoes Away." - RBW


  • Leake County Revelers, "Put Me In My Little Bed" (Columbia 15292-D, 1928)


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Author: Words: Dexter Smith / Music: C. A. White
Earliest date: 1870 (sheet music)
Keywords: orphan bird death mother
Found in: US(MW,So)