“Pulling Hard Against the Stream”


"In the world I've gained my knowledge, And for it have had to pay... Do your best for one another... Help a worn and weary brother Pulling hard against the stream." The singer advises helping those in need


Although the description sounds like a religious song, there are in fact no explicit Christian references in this piece. - RBW

Ives's attribution of authorship to Harry Clifton is supported by the "Song Writers of the Halls" article -- quoting _The Melodies Linger On_ by Walter Macqueen-Pope -- on Harry Clifton at Frederick Denny's _World of the Music Hall_ site. - BS


  • LOCSinging, as110820, "Pulling Hard Against the Stream," unknown, 19C


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Author: Harry Clifton (per Ives-NewBrunswick)
Earliest date: 1927 (Spaeth); 19C (broadside, LOCSinging as110820)
Keywords: nonballad help
Found in: US(SE) Canada(Mar)