“Prodigal Son (I)”


Prodigal son, starving, decides to return home. His father embraces him, saying, "Kill the fatted calf." The elder son is jealous, but the father reassures him that he will inherit. Chorus: "I believe I'll go back home/And acknowledge I've done wrong"


This should not be confused with Rev. Robert Wilkins' song "That's No Way to Get Along", also a retelling of Luke 15:11-32; Wilkins' song was recorded by the Rolling Stones as "Prodigal Son." - PJS

The song "The Prodigal Son in the Missouri Harmony does not appear to be the same piece either.

In addition to the songs mentioned above, there are a number of hymns which speak of the prodigal son (a title not found in the Bible, we might note; a few translations mention the youth's "prodigal living," but the King James Version is not one of them), and the boy's exploits occasionally come up in other songs. - RBW


  • Dock Boggs, "Prodigal Son" (on Boggs1, BoggsCD1)


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Alternate titles: “I Believe I'll Go Back Home”
Author: unknown
Found in: US(Ap)