“Poupore's Shanty Crew”


Describing life at the lumber camp of Tom Poupore "on the twenty-eighth of October in 1884." The crew builds a shanty. They celebrate the cook. The leaders of the team, and some of the members, are named. The singer concludes with a toast to the crew

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Poupore's Shanty Crew
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          *** A ***

From Edith Fowke, Lumbering Songs from the Northern Woods, #9, pp. 43-44.
Collected from  "the Gavin manuscript copy"; in existence before 1966.

Come all you jolly shantyboys wherever you may be,
I hope you pay attention and listen unto me.
It is all about Tom Poupore and his jovial shanty crew
   . . . . . .

On the twenty-eighth of October in 1994
His jovial crew of shantyboys Black River did cross o'er.
Some of them Black River boys, some of them from Sheen,
Some from the Island and more from Nepean.

(8 additional stanzas)

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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1966 (Fowke)
Keywords: logger lumbering work
Found in: Canada(Que)