“Poor Old Man (II)”


The poor old man warns the Connors's from Kerry that they will rue stopping in Ross Town. He barricades his door [in "real life" that apparently led to a disaster for him].


Jim Carroll's notes to IRTravellers01: "According to the singer, this song refers to a fight that took place in the town of New Ross, Co Wexford, sometime in the nineteen-thirties, between two travelling families.... The song is a parody of 'An Sean Bhean Bhoct,' (The Poor Old Woman) [The Shan Van Voght]." - BS

Cross references


  • "Pops" Johnny Connors, "Poor Old Man" (on IRTravellers01)


  1. Roud #2509
  2. BI, RcPoOMan


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1985 (IRTravellers01)
Keywords: feud derivative
Found in: Ireland