“Po' Shine”


"You can't do me like you done po' Shine, Paid off everybody and you didn't pay Shine." About the hard times on a work crew. Shine departs seeking better work, and finally the workers are paid. Some elements float

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Po' Shine
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From Mary Wheeler, Steamboatin' Days, pp. 167-18. From the singing of
"Uncle Jeff."

You can't do me lak you done po' Shine,
Paid off evuhbody an' you didn't pay Shine.

We worked all summer an' all the Fall,
Got to take Christmas now in his overalls.

"Captain, captain, is my money come?"
"Be here today, or tomorry one."

"Partner, partner, oh whar you goin'?"
"I'm goin' down the country whar they do pay mo'."

"Shine, you ought to be here when the captain paid off,
I got mo' money than the walkin' boss."

They ain't but one man that I do fear,
Big Jack Johnson, an' he ain't 'lowed here.

You can't do me lak you done po' Shine,
You taken his money, but you can't take mine."


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1944 (Wheeler)
Found in: US