“Pawkie Paiterson's Auld Grey Yaud”


"As I gae'd up Hawick Loan... 'Twas there I heard an auld yaud Gie mony a heavy grane... 'I'm Pawkie Patterson's auld yaud, See how they're guidin' mie.'" The aged horse describes its hard and bitter life, and leaves its body parts to various people

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Pawkie Paiterson's Auld Grey Yaud
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Robin Spraggon's Auld Grey Mare

From Stokoe/Reay, Songs and Ballads of Northern England, pp. 52-53.

The miller of Ogle bred me, as I have heard them say,
And gallantly he fed me with the best of corn and hay;
For meal and malt I wanted not when in his custody,
But now I'm Robin Spraggon's auld grey mare, ae how he's guided me!

Our thrifty dame, Mally, she rises soon at morn,
She goes and tells the master I'm pulling up the lorn;
He clucks up the oxen gad and sair belabours me,
For I'm Robin Spraggon's auld grey mare, ae how he's guided me!

There's Tallyho Trevillian, he hunts upon the hill,
I'll leave to him my carcase to be his dogs a fill,
To make them hunt sly Renny until the day they dee,
For I'm Robin Spraggon's auld grey mare, aw how he's guided me!

(Stanzas 1, 4, 6 of 12)

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Author: George Ballantyne ?
Earliest date: 1904 (Ford)
Found in: Britain(Scotland)