“Paddy Whack”


Paddy Whack boasts of his Irish ancestry, his schooling (especially in fisticuffs), and his skill in war

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Paddy Whack
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(Untitled -- filed as the first of five "Fragments of Irish Songs")

From Mary O. Eddy, Ballads and Songs from Ohio, #153, pp. 318.
From Mrs. Robert R. Cox, Steubenville, Ohio.

1. Paddy Whack it is me name,
      I come from sweet Tipperary, too,
   And there's never a flitter on me back,
      You see I'm light and airy, too.

2. Me father sent me to a school
      To larn for to read and write,
   But soon I learned the Golden Rule
      To kick and cuff and box and fight.

3. There was cannons roaring, bullets flying,
      Horses prancing, soldiers dying,
   But when it came to the grand attack,
      "Whoo! Fire away!" says Paddy Whack.


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  2. ST E153A (Full)
  3. Roud #5353
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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1939 (Eddy)
Keywords: Ireland
Found in: US(MW)