“Paddy, the Cockney and the Ass”


Pat Molloy meets a cockney and his ass in London. Forced to speak to the ass, Pat puts a pebble in its ear. Enraged, it upsets the cockney's cart. Taken in, Pat says he told the ass that the Irish had rid themselves of the landlords. Charges dismissed

Long description

Pat Molloy from County Clare goes to London and meets a Cockney with a cart and donkey. The Cockney won't let Pat pass until he speaks to the donkey. While speaking he puts a pebble in the ass's ear. The ass, mad, upsets the Cockney's cart. The Cockney has the peelers take Pat in. The magistrate asks Pat what he told the ass to make him mad. He says he told the ass that the Irish had rid themselves of all the landlords. The magistrate laughs and dismisses Pat.


Munnelly/Deasy-Lenihan: "The slightly 'stagy' language used in the ballad might be an indication -- by no means an infallible one -- that the song originated in America." - BS


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Alternate titles: “Pat Molloy and the Cockney”; “Paddy and the Ass”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1972 (Munnelly/Deasy-Lenihan)
Found in: Ireland