“Over the Hills to the Poor-House”


"Oh, yes, it is true they have driven Their father so helpless and old; Oh, God! may their crime be forgiven For driving him out in the cold." The father, "helpless and feeble," recalls his love for wife and children, and sadly sets out for the poorhouse


Belden notes that there is a poem by Will Carleton with a similar title and theme, but regards them as separate, and also (correctly) treats this piece as different the Missouri text ("Over the Hills at the Poorhouse") he himself printed. - RBW


  • Bert Peck, "Over the Hills to the Poor House" (Brunswick 522, c. 1930)
  • Peg Moreland, "Over the Hills to the Poorhouse" (Victor 21548, 1928)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1922 (Dean)
Found in: US(SE)