“On My Journey (II)”


Song of religious ecstasy. "On my journey now, Mount Zion/Well I wouldn't take nothing, Mount Zion/For my journey now." Singer is walking along, the "elements opened and the love come down"; he goes to the valley; "my soul got happy/And I stayed all day."


Just enough of a narrative that I didn't use "nonballad." - PJS

Cross references

  • cf. "Jesus Says 'You Goes and I Goes Wid You'" or "Jesus Says Go" (floating verse)
  • cf. "Hold the Wind" (floating verse)


  • Paul Robeson, "On Ma Journey" (Victor 20013, 1926; Victor 25547, 1937)


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1926 (recording, Paul Robeson)
Found in: US