“Oh My Little Darling”


"Oh my little darling, don't you weep and cry/Some sweet day a-coming, marry you and I" "Oh my little darling, don't you weep and moan/Some sweet day a-coming, take my baby home" "Up and down the railroad, 'cross the county line..."


Nonballad, but it's attained sufficient popularity among old-time musicians, beginning with Mike Seeger, to warrant its inclusion. - PJS


  • Thaddeus C. Willingham, "Oh My Little Darling" (on AFS 3115 B1, 1939)
  • Mike Seeger, "Oh My LIttle Darling" (on MSeeger01)


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1939 (recorded from Thaddeus C. Willingham)
Found in: US(SE)