“Oh! Steer My Bark to Erin's Isle”


"Oh, I have roamed o'er many lands ... In Erin's isle I'd pass my time." If the singer's home were England or Scotland, he'd love that home; "pleasant days in both I've past," But he'll "steer my bark to Erin's isle, For Erin is my home."


Bodleian makes the author N.T.H Bayly; O'Conor has F.H. Bayly. - BS

The latter, of course, is an easy misreading of "T. H. Bayly." Spaeth's _A History of Popular Music in America_ also credits the lyrics to Bayly (p. 85), adding that the tune is German, arranged by Ignaz Moscheles.

Curiously, the uncredited book _The Library of Irish Music_ (published by Amsco) credits the *music* to T. H. Bayly with words by "S. Nelson"!

Incidentally, there seem to be conflicting dates for Bayly; Spaeth says he lived 1797-1829. - RBW


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Author: Words: Thomas Haynes Bayly
Earliest date: before 1869 (broadside, Bodleian Firth b.25(537))