“No Use to Rattle the Blind”


This song is part of a cante-fable in which the wife warns her lover that the husband is at home by singing a song.


This plot first appears in 1353 in Boccaccio's _Decameron_, Day VII, Tale I. It is Type 1419H in the Aarne-Thompson inex "Types of the Folktale" (Helsinki, 1961). - EC, RBW

Legman gives extensive notes to the folktale and cante-fable in Randolph-Legman I. - EC


  1. Randolph-Legman I, pp. 342-345, "No Use to Rattle the Blind" (3 texts, 1 tune)
  2. BI, RL342


Author: unknown
Found in: US(So)