“Nae Bonnie Laddie tae Tak' Me Away (I)”


"My name it is (Jean) and my age is (fifteen)... Yet there's nae bonnie laddie tae tak me awa." The girl describes her clothes and her good dowry, but confesses to having no luck in seeking a man


Ford has anecdotal evidence that this was written by Thomas Scott of Falkirk. If this be true, the song has surely wandered far, becoming little more than a singing game in some of the more corrupt versions.

For the vexed relationship between this song and "Queen Mary (Auld Maid's Lament)," with which it shares much, see the notes to that song. - RBW

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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1903 (Ford)
Keywords: loneliness courting
Found in: Ireland Britain(Scotland)