“My Ramblin' Boy”


The singer recalls the "ramblin' boy" with whom he traveled, who stuck with him in all conditions. On a cold night in a hobo jungle, the ramblin' boy dies. The singer speculates that he will still be rambling in the afterlife


Like several other Tom Paxton songs, this has not really entered oral tradition, but it certainly has a strong place in the repertoire of professional folksingers, who ramble more than most. I *have* seen it listed as traditional -- and by people who really should have known better. - RBW

This shouldn't be confused with versions of "Wild and Wicked Youth" that are called "Ramblin' Boy". - PJS


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Alternate titles: “Ramblin' Boy”
Author: Tom Paxton
Earliest date: 1963
Keywords: rambling death friend