“My Old Horse Died”


Singer tells of disasters: horse dies, mule goes lame, storm blows house away, earthquake swallows wreckage, land is repossessed. He dies, but wife & kids are comforted, because he was insured with Banker's Life [Insurance Co.]


Does this belong [in the index]? It's certainly narrative, and it has entered the repertoire of old-time revival performers. Toss-up, but I say yes, if only for the novelty of the thing. And most traditional performers were far les picky about including non-traditional material in their performances than their revival heirs. - PJS


  1. Dock Boggs, "My Old Horse Died" (on Boggs1, BoggsCD1)
  2. Roud #11580
  3. BI, RcMOHD


Author: Words: advertisement; tune "Chicken Reel" (trad.), set by Dock Boggs
Earliest date: 1963 (recording, Dock Boggs)
Found in: US(Ap)