“My Harding County Home”


"Not so many years ago I left old Buffalo, The place that I have always loved the best.... I'm yearning today For my Harding County home out in the west. The singer recalls the beauties of home; "As I wander down Broadway," he hears a coyote call him home


"Buffalo" here refers not to the city in New York State but to the county seat of Harding County, South Dakota.

Although this began life as a commercial recording, it does have some oral tradition behind it; the author's son tells me of a "kitchen table" recording he has of his father singing it. - RBW


  • Tex Fletcher, "My Harding County Home" (Flint 1782, 1948)


  1. Ohrlin-HBT 67, "My Harding County Home" (1 text, 1 tune)
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Author: Tex Fletcher
Earliest date: 1948 (recording, Tex Fletcher)
Keywords: home travel
Found in: US(MW)