“My Father Had an Acre of Land”


"My father had an acre of land, Hey ho, sing ivy, My father had an acre of land, With a bunch of green holly and ivy." He farmed it in impossible ways: "plowed it with a team of rats," "rolled it with a rolling pin," "thrashed it with a hazel twig"


This song is sometimes listed as a variant of "The Elfin Knight" [Child 2], and in fact they share many ideas and some lyrics. However, the crucial element of "The Elfin Knight" is the dialog, whereas this is a song of impossible deeds. The should be kept separate. - RBW

Cross references


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  • Charlie Potter, "Sing Ivy" (on Voice14)
  • Tony Wales, "Sing Ivy" (on TWales1)


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Alternate titles: “The Team of Rats”; “Sing Ivy”; “Sing Ovy, Sing Ivy”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1842
Found in: Britain(England(All))