“My Aunt Jane”


"My Aunt Jane she took me in" and gave me tea from her shop. "She's awful smart" and bakes rings in an apple tart. She "has a bell on the door A white stone step and a clean swept floor, Candy apples, hard green pears, Conversation lozenges"


Hammond-Belfast: "Probably the best-loved of all Belfast songs." - BS

The practice of baking prizes (such as coins or rings) into cakes is well-attested, even if it is today remembered mostly because J. R. R. Tolkien mentioned it in _Smith of Wooton Major_, but it seems somewhat improbable to find it in the contest of a Belfast tea-shop; how did Aunt Jane afford such thing? - RBW


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1978 (Hammond-Belfast)
Keywords: food nonballad
Found in: Ireland