“Muldoon, the Solid Man”


"I am a man of great influence... I came when small from Donegal, in the Daniel Webster I crossed the sea." Hard work has brought the singer success. He promises the listeners he will "use you decent... I'm a solid man." He tells of his social sucess.


Roud lumps this with "I'll Lay You Doon, Love," presumably on the basis of the chorus ("So come with me and I'll use you decent, I'll get you drunk and I'll fill your can...."). But that is a song of seduction, while this is a song telling of prosperity. They seem clearly separate to me, though there may be some cross-influence.

The song mentions General Grant. This require a date after 1862 (when Grant became a general and fought his first significant battles) and hints at a date before 1868 (when he was elected President).- RBW


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1922 (Dean)
Keywords: emigration work
Found in: US(MW)