“Move, Members, Move”


"Move members move Daniel (x4)! Move till I get (there/home), Daniel (x4) Got on my little John shoes, Got on my little John shoes Daniel (x3), Shoes gonna rocka me home Daniel... Who want to buy this land Daniel...."


The form of this song, and the references to Daniel, would seem to imply a religious theme. But there are no religious references, and none of the phrases are reminiscent of the Biblical stories of Daniel. - RBW

Despite the fact that Rosie Hibler's version appears in the series of recordings "Negro Folk Music of Alabama," she and her family were recorded in Mississippi. Just thought I'd mention it. - PJS


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1950 (recording, Rosie Hibler & family)
Keywords: playparty
Found in: US(SE)